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Warehousing & Distribution

Information about Alpagu Logistic’s Warehousing and Distribution Services

Alpagu logistic can be defined as a company that carries on the activity in the field of harbor services with the help of seaway assistance. Loading and discharging operations of ships are carried out by derricks when it is needed. Alpagu logistic is also known as a company that offers its customer's harbor operations services. As well as this service, Alpagu logistic, which is known as a company that ensures also discharging and loading services, has managed to fulfill its customers’ needs with its experience and professionalism. Alpagu logistic proved that it is a entrusted logistic company with its experience of years. 

Warehousing Services of Alpagu Logistic

Alpagu logistic can be defined as a company that keeps quality pre-eminently in freighting sector. It is a company that ensures freighting services to every city and towns in Turkey. It does not only ensure freighting to cities and towns, but it also provides freighting to villages. One of the most important subjects in the company is customer satisfaction. It is a company that ensures freighting in every season and weather condition. It has always ensured its services on time, so it gained customers’ trust. As well as safe transportation services, all freighting services are carried out with high-quality.

Information about Alpagu Logistic’s Distribution Services

After packing the goods in storage, freightage’s journey commences. This warehousing and distribution services brings high-quality with Alpagu logistic. Alpagu logistic, which provides a great working network and at the same time contains expert staff, creates a difference in this sector. Transportation operations brings distribution together. The freightage that delivered its destination is distributed, as well. A cost should be paid to ensure this distributing services. 

When comparing with other companies, Alpagu logistic is known as a company that gives services economical-priced. It is also known as a company that benefits to solve every type of problems. It is a company that gives services in road freight, sea freight and air freight. It is possible to carry out transportation by combining these services.

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