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Feeder Service

Information about Alpagu Logistic’s Feeder Service

In a short definition, feeder is a service that is delivering freightage from large ships to small ships or barges.

What is Feeder Service?

Feeder services can be defined as a service that ensures transmitting freightage to barges or small ships. From large ships, it may not possible everytime to serve directly. Alpagu logistic has pursued this service properly for years. As well as being a well-experienced company, it always ensures feeder services cautiously.

Information about Alpagu Logistic

Alpagu logistic has been giving service in sea freight experiencedly. Its experience is obvious from its every service and work. Alpagu logistic is a company known as giving services everything about sea freight, feeder services, loading and discharging services.

Discharging, loading, landing and transportation are services of Alpagu logistic, as well. Over years, it has pursued to offer innovative services. For customers, it has pursued to give fast and entrusted services for years. Alpagu logistic does not only give service in sea freight, but it also gives services in rail freight and road freight. It also gives services international and ensures with high-quality.

Information about Alpagu Logistic’s Feeder Service

According to Transportation Research Thesaurus, the definition of feeder service is “transportation operations in which cargoes are shipped by water in smaller vessels to/from a load-center port for loading to or unloading from larger ocean-going vessels”. Feeder container ships ensure transportation operations when there are insufficient loads or the big ships cannot land. Feeder service term is a well-known term in sea freight. Alongside feeder service, there is a lot of different terms. Knowing abbreviations and necessary terms is crucial in sea freight. Alpagu logistic is a company that ensures feeder service successfully for years thanks to its experience.

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